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Otago Regional Council (ORC)

The Otago Regional Council provides regulations and guidance for managing natural resources (water, air, land) in the Otago region. It is charged with the actual day-to-day implementation of environmental policy, especially with regards to water management.

The Otago Regional Council is manages water resources and that influences galaxiids, as freshwater fish. So we talked to Matt Dale,  Water Resource Scientist from Otago Regional Council to understand the link between resource management and galaxiids.

 ORC manages water resources through resource consents, catchment water allocation committees, minimum flow settings, and monitoring. It determines flow requirements for fishery populations. 

ORC also, as well as DOC, monitors river sites. Over 100 monitoring sites have been established, and are sampled for biological, chemical and/or trophic information.  Using this data they advise on water use, determine required flow levels, provide information to farmers and make decisions about resource consents. 

Functions of ORC that might influence native fish:



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    July 2013